Welcome To Hyper Ecosystem

Hyper Inu is going to be the Governance Token which will allow its Holders to vote on decisions pertaining to the
Hyper Ecosystem.

Our vision is to take Hyper Inu’s Market Cap (MC) to 100M USD by Q3 of 2022

All four pre-sale programs are over

Hyper Ecosystem

Hyper Gaming Platform

A platform that will facilitate multiple free and paid Play-To-Earn games. We are currently in a phase of brainstorming where ideas are being shared and discussed. This platform will have Multiplayer PvP Battle, Farming, Real-Time Strategy and Puzzle Games.

Hyper Swap

The Hyper Swap will allow traders to swap their BEP-20 and ERC-20 tokens for another while maintaining full custody of their tokens.

Hyper CEX

Hyper CEX is going to be the Centralized Exchange with Staking and Launchpad mechanism.

Hyper Wallet

Safe and Secure decentralized wallet which will support Ethereum and Binance Mainnet as well as Testnet. Users can store their precious coins seamlessly.

Hyper Allocation

Token Allocation Chart

Token Allocation

Token Allocation Chart

Burning Plan

20.25T Hyper Inu will be Burned in 5 events.


Our team will be continuously striving to complete the planned Road Map for this project, we need support from our community to make Hyper Inu a leading Cryptocurrency.

White Paper
Hyper Inu Birth
Website Launch
Listing on HotBit
Listing on P2PB2B
Listing on Multiple Exchanges
Hyper Swap
Hyper Launchpad
Hyper Wallet
Listing on Binance
13th Dec-21
13th Dec-21

Pre-Sale Programs

Diamond Member Pre-Sale (Completed)

Platinum Member Pre-Sale (Completed)

Golden Member Pre-Sale (Completed)

Silver Member Pre-Sale (Completed)

Exchange Listings

13th Dec 2021

13th Dec 2021

More Exchange Listings Are Coming Soon

Security Audits

Hyper Spread

Russia / Turkey / France / Poland